Jewish Warsaw

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A tour of the former, completely destroyed Warsaw Ghetto in Muranów district. We will answer questions about where Jews came from in Poland, how Warsaw became one of the largest centres of Jewish life in the world and how this Jewish world came to an end.
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2h 30min
English, Spanish, German, Polish (check the booking calendar for availability)
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Meeting point
All Saints Church, address: Plac Grzybowski 3/5. Look for the guide with yellow umbrella.Go to map
Ending point
POLIN Museum
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♿️❗️The tour can be completed by people with reduced mobility with the assistance of a second person - there are several crossings on the route with a few steps.
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Before the Second World War, Warsaw was the second-largest Jewish city in the world. The only place with a larger Jewish community was… New York! 

For centuries, Jews played an active role in the city’s life during good times and bad. In the 19th century, Jews joined other Varsovians in their struggles against occupying powers and participated in Polish uprisings. During the Interwar Period, Jewish Warsaw flourished. Hundreds of artists, actors, writers, and journalists called the city home. Its cultural life was incomparable to any other time and place in history.

Learning about the pre-war diversity and richness of Jewish Warsaw helps us understand the scale of the destruction that took place during the Holocaust. But, alongside stories of persecution and death, there are stories of the resilience and unimaginable bravery of those who fought without hope. 

The wounds and scars of the Second World War and Holocaust will never heal. But the story of Jewish Warsaw is not only the story of the past, but also the story of today: the young, diverse and energetic Jewish community that optimistically looks to the future. 

To discover all of this, just come and join us and be ready for an emotional journey through history!

During this 2,5 hour tour you will see:

  • Grzybowski Square and Próżna Street – one of very few areas in Warsaw that survived the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto

  • Nożyk Synagogue – the only surviving pre-war Warsaw synagogue

  • Waliców street – once the ghetto border

  • Chłodna Street – monument commemorating the footbridge once connecting parts of the Warsaw ghetto

  • the courts on former Leszno street – the point of contact between the ghetto and the so-called Aryan side, allowing meetings of friends and families, smuggling and escapes

  • Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews and the 1948 Monument to the Ghetto Heroes

  • and much more!

The last stop is near the POLIN Museum.

Meeting Point
All Saints Church, address: Plac Grzybowski 3/5. Look for the guide with yellow umbrella.

Booking is obligatory. Our pay as you wish tours are designed for individual travellers and small groups. We don’t accept parties of more than 7 people on them - guides have the right to deny participation to them. If you travel in a party of 8 or more (school groups, bigger groups of friends etc.), please choose a paid option, if it's available, or book a Private Tour. Please be informed that groups larger than 7 people (even if 2 or more smaller bookings were made!) that did not make a prepaid booking will not be allowed on the tour.

Olivia is Amazing!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5 days ago

We booked the walking tour online and instructions were to meet at the park and look for someone holding a yellow umbrella. This is relevant for the second part of this story.

Firstly, Olivia was our guide and she was super professional, amazingly knowledgeable and we learned so much on the tour I can’t believe how far she exceeded our expectations. She covered everything I could have ever wanted to know, and then some. She’s passionate about the facts of historical accuracy and yet not too opinionated about the motivations behind the actions of those who created that history. I found her presentation to be perfectly balanced. I tipped her 200 for the effort.

Now the second part of my review, which actually happened first.

When we arrived at the park, there were 3 people standing around, ALL holding yellow umbrellas. 2 of them were busy talking to people so I approached the only one who was alone. I said “hello” and was greeted by a silent stare. I said again “Hi!” And was again given no response. Finally I said “I’m not sure if we’re in the right place, can you help me?” As I showed her the tickets we’d purchased for the tour.

Finally she spoke. She gestured to a rag hanging out of her pocket and said “Can you see this?” I looked down at her pocket as she pulled it out further to reveal a flag of some kind. She said “Can you see this is a Spanish Flag?” I said “OK it’s a Spanish flag”, which of course I didn’t know any more than she would have known an Australian flag if it was hanging out of MY pocket.

She raised her voice and sternly pointed to one of the other guides and said “English flag is over there so go!”

Now, I was dumbfounded by why she was so rude, obnoxious and outright cruel so I said “Thank you for being so kind and helpful” and I took her photo. She then started yelling abuse at me as I walked away and other people stopped and stared at her.

After I met our ACTUAL guide Olivia, this absolute asshole girl came up to Olivia and made a joke with her at MY expense and tried to embarrass me in front of the whole tour group.

Whoever this nasty, over-indulged, little brat is, she certainly has no business speaking to paying customers who are lost guests in her country like she spoke to me. She is absolutely the WRONG type of person to work in tourism at all, let alone be a tour guide. I pity the poor Spanish-speaking visitors to Warsaw.

Anyway, I gave Olivia a large tip, partly because she earned it, but also partly because I hoped she’d share that story (not the tip) with her rude friend.

For those who want to see what this idiot looks like, I’ve shared below the link to her photo, this is the one I took of her just as she was yelling abuse at me. I think she needs medication.


Vielen herzlichen Dank!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
1 week ago

Es war eine ganz tolle Führung von Walkative in deutscher Sprache mit Maria durch das ehemalige jüdische Ghetto (Jewish Warsaw Private Tour in German). Zum Abschluss haben wir noch das Polin-Museum besucht, um uns mit der Geschichte der jüdischen Bürger in Polen und speziell in Warschau zu beschäftigen.

Wir möchten uns nochmal sehr bei Maria für ihre interessante Führung und ihre persönliche Zuwendung bedanken, sie hast uns viel gezeigt und erzählt, auch aus ihrer eigenen polnischen Familiengeschichte – es war alles emotional sehr bewegend.



Excellent tour

Rated 5.0 out of 5
3 weeks ago

Very informative tour which we found very enjoyable. The guide was excellent.

Hazel Weston

Tour informativo con excelente guía!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
1 month ago

Violetta nos guió por las calles significativas al la historia judía de Varsovia. Se destacan lugares de la historia de Polonia a través de las invasiones y guerras. Tour y guía 100% recomendado.


Buen tour

Rated 5.0 out of 5
1 month ago

Manuel nos ha adentrado en la historia del barrio judio de Varsovia y nos ha transmitido sus conocimientos sobre el tema. Una manera muy agradable de conocer la ciudad


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