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May 13, 2019

Warsaw is his life. He was born here, lives here, and can’t imagine living anywhere else on earth. Since childhood, he has really liked to travel, and over the years his first trips around the world were gradually converted into giving him professional skills in this field. That’s why he was a student in the Institute of Oriental Studies at university. Which university, you may ask? Warsaw University, of course! There he studied the Turkish language and obtained his MA. During thorough studies of mysteries of different cultures, he gradually became interested in mysteries of his city. After graduation, he started to think about the future, asking himself: “Andrzej, what would you like to do? What are your passions? Working 8 hours a day in a big international company? Teaching foreign languages in a school? Doing professional translations?” Are these things connected with passion? At that time, he realized that Warsaw was his real passion. He discovered a unique opportunity to show, explain, and present THE CITY, as he liked to call it, to visitors, tourists and other people. And he’s still at it. Still with passion.

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