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May 13, 2019

Jacek — born in 1981, a licensed tour guide since 2012, working for the Walkative! since June 2012 (almost from the beginning!). Passionate about the city he works in, eager to explore its most obscure areas.

Although he graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics, his other passions include learning languages (he is fluent in English, Russian, Serbian and Croatian), teaching people (5 years experience as a university teacher), and, above all, travelling (19 countries visited and counting) and getting to know as much about the world as possible.

Loves to collect fun facts and anecdotes that he then gives to visitors, he's always eager to share his experiences with those he guides. An ultimate sports fan - no sport is a mystery for him (well, maybe with the exception of cricket...). Some even say that the world is a giant football for him.

So, if you meet him you may get ready for some weird questions about Aussie football rules or local beer brands in Guatemala, but, above all, you will get an unforgettable guiding experience!

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