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We believe that only through self-development can we strive for perfection. We also want to share with you the love and passion we have for our cities. Each of our guides also has their own interests and we want to give them the opportunity to deepen and present them to the world. For these (among other) reasons a special tours project has been created, called “Wrocław step by step.”

Our guides prepare routes according to their interests, hobbies, subjects they studied, things in which they specialize. Thanks to this, unusual tours are created. Tours during which we visit places that usually nobody goes to, tell stories that would otherwise have no chance to be told. Real treasures are forged!

Tours are made especially for enjoyment of permanent residents and visitors who are already familiar with the basic city history. To all those who want to learn something more, deepen the knowledge they have already gained. For all interested in history and processes that influenced the development of cities and shaped their today’s image.

Wrocław step by step is also a constantly developing project – we hope that you will be an inspiration for us to take up new topics, stories and matters that interest you and about which you would like to hear on the next tours! Come on! Be our inspiration!

  • Festung Breslau,

  • Communist Tour

  • Centennial Hall and modernism architecture in Wrocław

  • The Four Denominations District

  • Women of Wrocław

  • Plac Grunwaldzki

  • The University Quarter

  • Railways of 3 Stations

  • Migration aspects in Wrocław

  • East-West Route of Wrocław

  • Main Railway Station

  • Nobel Prize winners from Wroclaw

  • History Center Depot 

  • and more!

All these tours you can book as a private tour on request. Book by email.

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Walkative! free tours are designed for individual travelers. In the best interest of our visitors, we aim to keep our free tours relatively small (up to ~35 people in one group). Hence, we cannot accept parties of 8 or more people on our regular free tours and guides have the right to deny participation to such groups. If you travel in a party of 8 or more please book a Private Tour or select an option with a fee of 8 Eur per person. For more information please contact us.

Gra miejska – Nietuzinkowe zagadki centrum Wrocławia!

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