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May 09, 2019

Damian was born and raised in the central-western part of Poland. But when he grew up, he went south to Wrocław, "The Meeting Place", to study history and cultural anthropology. After he graduated from university, he felt compelled to move once again. This time, the reason was simple: he fell in love! That's right, it was his true love – Kraków! Not only are Krakow's winding streets filled with gems of tantalizing history and her hidden secrets a feast for the curious mind — she's beautiful. Who could resist? So here he is. And still in love!

Even better is that as Kraków ages, she becomes more attractive. Like all beautiful things, she brings in more attention and more visitors every year. This is why he and his Walkative! friends are passionate about showing you around our Beauty. Damian simply can't wait to introduce you. He just knows you'll enjoy her. And he hopes, like all true loves, you'll return.

In his free time he studies languages — the more words the better. Maybe he can teach you a few in Polish? He believes that learning languages takes us on a great adventure even while sitting somewhere drinking tea, coffee or even beer.

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