Schindler’s Factory Museum

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1h 30min
Meeting point
Meeting point: in front of the main entrance to Oskar Schindler’s Factory Museum. Look for the guide with yellow umbrella and Walkative! sign.Go to map
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Price includes ticket to the Schindler's Factory Museum.

Visit the museum, located in the original building of what was once Oskar Schindler’s factory. Join us on a journey back to the dark times of the German occupation of the city. Enter one of the best historical museums in Poland and let yourself be immersed in a dramatic story from more than 70 years ago! 

Walk on the cobbled streets of a wartime city, feel overwhelmed by the omnipresent existence of the enemy, enter narrow passages and overpopulated apartments in the ghetto, find weapons hidden in a resistance house, experience the horror of being imprisoned and interrogated, try to imagine your life in hiding and finally feel the bittersweet joy of being liberated by the Soviet army. Understand the roles of Oskar Schindler, Amon Göth, Hans Frank and even the future Pope John Paul II. Learn the real story behind the Oscar-winning movie Schindler’s List.

Join us for an emotional journey through the fates of Kraków’s citizens, follow their lives from the beginning of the Nazi occupation through the 1,967 days that came after. Discover not only the stories described by the historians, but also those told by our parents and grandparents. We hope that, as with us, they will stay with you forever. 

Joining the tour, you can skip long lines and be sure that we do all the bookings and formalities for you. 

On this 90 minutes’ Walkative! TOUR you will see:

  • museum exhibition about the Nazi occupation of Kraków, located in the former administrative building of the Oskar Schindler’s Factory

  • comprehensive explanation of what happened in Kraków between 1939 and 1945

  • place where Oskar Schindler and people he saved from the Holocaust worked during the war

  • ATTENTION! Despite the fact, that the Museum is located in the former Schindler’s factory, only a small part of the exhibition is about him and the Schindler’s List film. 

Meeting Point
In front of the Schindler's Factory

Encantado con Vero desde México.

3 months ago

Nos tocó con Vero la mejor guía, la verdad estuvo de 10, nos dio muchos detalles del

Museo, y se ve que le apasiona.

Definitivamente hizo que valiera la pena.


Alcicja guide tour in Portuguese

1 year ago

It was a very good surprise that Alicja guide me and my family in such detail and professional Portuguese tour to Shindler house.


Super detailed tour with Max

1 year ago

Me and my friends booked this tour on 12/11/2022 after being at the Old town walking tour with Walkative in the morning, loving that project.

We found a super prepared guide, Max, that described us in a very detailed point of view all the history and “the reasons”, about “the why” things happened in Kraków during WW2.

Many many compliments to you Max!

Alberto Migliorini

No Title

1 year ago

Friendly and informative


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