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May 09, 2019

Paweł comes from Czarna Dąbrówka, a small town in the north of Poland around 50 km from the Baltic Sea. He came to Kraków in 2004 to study.
His interests are linked to his study, psychology, but also with things often mentioned during our tours – history, cinema, music, history of art, sports, economy and even politics, which he has to be interested in, being a child of members of two different political parties. 🙂 Generally, due to his degree, he has a very methodological approach and he would like to measure everything and get honest feedback. Also, he loves dancing, but with age his musical taste have become more and more picky. At the moment, he prefers music from the ‘60s/’70s/’80s, so if you also like it, you may meet somewhere on a dance floor in Kraków.
Kraków is, in his opinion, the most remarkable city in Poland. On the one hand, it is so popular that it is almost boring, on the other it is fascinating how many areas of the city are still undiscovered by tourists and even by citizens of the city itself. Paweł had the chance to guide people aged 50+ who had lived in Kraków all their lives, and they were amazed at what they learned, so his passion is finding such unexplored places and share his knowledge with anybody regardless of how much time they have spent in Kraków.
For a very long time, Paweł has been interested in history. Although he never wanted to study it, as he did not see himself becoming a history teacher. But history claimed him anyway; he settled in the most interesting (according to him and The Guardian) part of Kraków — Podgórze. Following the advice of the local society www.podgorze.pl, he explored the district and then decided to do a course to become a tour guide to expand his knowledge of the city even further. So actually, he became a kind of teacher, but his students are mostly adults and only those willing to learn.
Paweł has one final request – please comment our tours, send us messages with your suggestions. Your honest opinions will help us improve the tour to make it even better! 🙂 See you on the tour!

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