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Our main tour of the historic centre of London, a perfect introduction to the city, its history and present day life. You will see the most important sights: Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, St. James’ Park, Trafalgar and Covent Garden, among others. If you only have time for one tour, this is the one!
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2 hours 45 minutes
English (check the booking calendar for availability)
„Pay what you wish” tours do not have a fixed price. It is up to you to evaluate your guide’s work and reward it. Some people give 10€, others 50€ depending on their satisfaction and abilities.
Meeting point
Burghers of Calais Statue in Victoria Tower Gardens South Park, right by Parliament - look for the guide with a yellow umbrella!Go to map
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Covent Garden

‘When you are tired of London, you are tired of life’ the old saying goes. From the home of the British Royal Family to the packed pubs; from the heart of British politics, to the theatrical West End; from invading Romans to conquering Kings, London has it all.

Starting as a marshland with just a handful of celtic tribes, and soon subject to Roman conquest as ‘Londinium’ in 47 AD, London had a slow and unimpressive start. However, by the time of the 11th Century, the city grew as the epicentre of English royalty, throwing in several centuries of war with France, for good measure. Through sabotage, murder, and revolutions, the heads that wore the crown constantly shifted, from titanic sovereigns like Henry VIII and Elizabeth I in the 16th Century, through civil war and the ‘merry monarch’ Charles II in the 17th, to the Germanic Georges and regency in the 18th. London itself would grow as the centre of the British Empire – and arguably – the centre of the modern world, reaping the benefits of the Industrial Revolution and using the Empire’s immense imperial power to its advantage, with all the trade, violence, and suffering that came with it. With one hand dominating the globe, and the other making the most of its great wealth, the city evoked awe and wonder, developing into a hub of world-leading science, innovation, and arts. It is here that Charles Darwin would write On the Origin of Species, JMW Turner would redefine painting, and Charles Dickens would birth the modern novel, pain-stakingly putting the conditions of real Londoners to the page. After the brutal Great War of 1914-1918, Britain -and London itself- became tired and over-extended, plunging into rapid political and social changes. Just 20 years later, it would be pulled into another horrifying war, for a time fighting as the lonely bastion against the Nazi regime in Europe, as the Luftwaffe flew above wreaking havoc. By 1945, a new world emerged. With a huge labour shortage and a post-war vision to assemble, parliament turned to the commonwealth to build a modern Britain: it passed the British Nationality Act. Now, those who had previously been under the British yoke as subjects came to London as citizens. This change re-invigorated the city, setting it onto a new path. Soon London was the cultural place-to-be. Its bars were swinging with jazz and rock’n’roll, its galleries filled with contemporary art, and its theatres hosted the great plays and musicals of the century. To this day London inspires with its music and theatre scene, museums, and fashion.

Join us on our Welcome to London tour to hear and experience this astounding story yourself, and see the city as it’s meant to be seen. Starting in Westminster, we’ll take you to the most iconic and beautiful sites in London. We’ll talk about why Big Ben isn’t called Big Ben, see the Abbey that has witnessed over a 1,000 years of royal coronations, walk through the royal parks of Buckingham Palace, discuss great military battles both old and new, and get under the skin of modern London at Covent Garden. We might even end near a pub, in true London fashion. From Winston Churchill to the Suffragettes to Queen Elizabeth II to James Bond, London has a fantastic story to tell. And no worries – we’ll fuse history with tips and recommendations, and set you up for your London experience – so join us and get the perfect introduction to one of the greatest cities in the world!

Some of the sites we will see on this 2 hours 45 minutes tour include:

  • Big Ben and Westminster Abbey

  • The Houses of Parliament

  • Buckingham Palace and St. James’ Park

  • Trafalgar Square

  • Pubs and Theatreland

  • Covent Garden

  • …and much, much more!

Meeting Point
Burghers of Calais Statue in Victoria Tower Gardens South Park

Booking is obligatory. Our pay as you wish tours are designed for individual travellers and small groups. We don’t accept parties of more than 7 people on them. If you travel in a party of 8 or more (school groups, bigger groups of friends etc.), please choose a paid option, if it's available, or book a Private Tour. For more information on the latter, please contact us.

James H.’s “Welcome to London” tour is a must!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5 days ago

As a Madrid and Paris local tour guide myself, I would like to congratulate James H. on his marvelous, engaging and entertaining “Welcome to London” tour. It was my very first day in London and I couldn’t have started off better. He tour is the perfect initiation to many of the city’s most iconic sites and monuments and James H. is a formidable historian, scholar and storyteller. Kudos to you James H.!

Scott A. Singer

The best tour for your first day in London!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
6 days ago

We had a lovely time on our “Welcome to London” tour with James H. 🙂

James is very smart, kind and funny and the time spent with him was just amazing. We learned a lot and we would definitely reccomend this tour for your first day in London.


London Tour

Rated 5.0 out of 5
1 week ago

The tour was very interesting, exciting and informative, and was presented by Alex with enviable oratorical skills. Thank you Alex!


Welcome to London tour

Rated 5.0 out of 5
1 week ago

James H. was a grear tour guide: he taught us a lot about British history and in a very funny and engaging way. We really enjoyed the ‘Welcome to London’ tour and would highly recommend it!


Tour in London with James H.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
1 week ago

During our recent trip to London, we had an incredibly enjoyable experience with James. Along the way, James shared historical facs and some funny stories, making the tour not only educational but also delightfully engaging. His humor and deep knowledge brought the city’s history to life, creating a memorable and delightful experience.


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