March 29, 2024

5 things about Pay As You Wish Walking Tours that can surprise you

Many people are not familiar with the concept of Pay As You Wish Walking Tours, so every aspect of it can be surprising. However, even once one wraps their head around the whole idea, there are some things that can come as a shock. At least they did for me.

Please see a list of the things that caught me by surprise before, during and after the tour. Although, I am aware that those vary among the travellers, I believe it is nice to acknowledge them.

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1. How personal tours are.

Guides are people very passionate about their work, but also about the city they guide around. It doesn’t matter if the guide was born and raised in the city, or they came to it and found their place in life. In every set up, guides are living and breathing the city, taking their steps in the pace of the cities. I come across guides who are not only from other cities, but they travelled the whole globe to find this one town they fell in love with.

The stories that are being told during the tours and not school alike, straight out of the textbook. They are enriched with the experiences of guides, giving them this personal touch that differentiate the average tour from the great one. Obviously, personal histories can be a real well of hilarious stories that allow the tour to keep a light and funny spirit. Additionally, it gives travellers a better understanding of the reality of the place they are currently visiting.

Guide in Kraków

2. Tour can have an influence on your whole stay.

Coming for a firm time to a new city or a new country can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to attractions, food recommendations and (at least for me) public transportation systems. These are the things that a Walking Tour can easily help. Guides enthusiastically share their favourite spots to visit around the city and close area. You don’t know what sort of ticket you should buy? The guide can help you with that. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a traditional regional food, some fancy modern cuisine place or the vegetarian/vegan/ keto/paleo restaurant, guides know them all.

If you choose to go on the walking tour on the very first day of your stay, you don’t have to worry about the rest of your stay-you will know all the tips and tricks to enjoy the city to the fullest.

Tour in Warsaw

3. Diversity of tour topics.

I was profoundly surprised by the amount of the topics Pay As You Wish Walking Tours cover. Apart from the usual introductory tour, there can be found tours dedicated to many themes.

There are ones dedicated to religious part of the city’s history. Tours describe the Jewish, Muslim and Christian presence and influence in the European region. Some cities have tours dedicated to the important periods of its history, like communist era in East Europe or monarchy times in the South. World War II is also a common topic of the tours all around Europe (and possibly the world). There are walks dedicated to the artwork including art and artists from mediaeval times, Renaissance period and more modern crafts including street art and graffiti. For the fans of some thrill there are ominous tours about the ghost, mysteries and secrets kept in the dark. Lastly, for the fans of movies and series - guides can show you spots from your favourite productions!

Probably, I have not even mentioned the fraction of the tour's topics, but the conclusion is very simple: everyone can find a walk matching their interests.

Guide in Kraków

4. Lack of stereotypical guide image.

Usually when you think about the accountants, lawyers or farmers we have certain image associations coming to our mind. What I found extremely interesting is that you can’t describe a “typical guide” because they… don’t exist. Guides come in various shapes and sizes 😉 It is a very diversified society regarding the age, sex, ethnicity, educational background or nationality. Probably every guide I have ever encountered was entirely different from the other, connected with other guides only by their knowledge and passion. So I guess by supporting guides, you support gender equality.

Guides in Berlin

5. It can be a source of new friendships.

At last, what I found surprising was how easy it is to make new friends during the tour. I believe people who are willing to discover new places are also open to meet new people. Tours on average last 2-2.5 hours and between listening to the guide, walking, and admiring spots there is quite a lot of time for a chit-chat among fellow travellers. As a consequence, even as a solo traveller (or maybe even more so then!), you might make some friends for the rest of your stay. That makes Walking Tours an excellent (and safe) option for the families, friends exploring the world together and individual travellers. So pretty much for everyone!

Tourists in Berlin

That being said, I believe I prepared you for what the Pay As You Wish Tours might bring.
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And what was the biggest surprise for you?

Written for you by Dominika Bazyluk

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