June 27, 2023

Souvenirs from Naples – what to bring back from the city under Vesuvius?

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Souvenirs from Naples

Finding an original souvenir from your vacation is not an easy task. You can of course buy a plastic keychain, magnet, mug or T-shirt with the name of the city you visit, but if you want to find something unique, you have to be ready to search a little longer. If you are spending a city break or holidays in (or around) Naples, we can make your job easier! We have prepared a list of the most interesting souvenirs you can bring from this amazing city. These will be things that, even years later, will bring a smile to your face, and, given to your loved ones, will make them happy. So what souvenirs from Naples are worth looking for? Check your answers below!

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Cornicello - a red horn for luck

Cornicello is one of those souvenirs from Naples that are not too difficult to find. You can buy it at every turn: in almost every store or at a stand with postcards and magnets. What are cornicelli? While the name may sound puzzling, anyone who has visited Naples at least once has surely seen hundreds of them. They are red cones resembling chili peppers that can be worn on a chain, on a bracelet or keys. Italians also often hang them by their rearview mirrors and even on the walls of their homes. Cornicello pendants can come in a variety of sizes and materials. The cheapest, of course, are the tiny plastic cones, but if you're looking for a more durable keepsake, you may be interested in a model made of coral, clay, silver or even gold.

A red cornicello will make an excellent gift for a loved one. According to local superstitions, these souvenirs from Naples even should be given to loved ones - then they will bring good luck, ward off evil and all adversity.


A unique souvenir from Naples - the Pulcinella mask

A big, hooked nose, warts and a hump on the back - this is what Pulcinella looked like in the Commedia dell'arte plays from the 16th century. Who was he? A parody of a man from the south of Italy, who liked to eat, drink and stare at women. In the plays his purpose was to make the audience laugh, he would appear on the scene in overly loose, sloppy clothing and a distinctive mask. Few people know that it was the Italian peasant Pulcinella who was the prototype of the French Polisinel - a character who comments on the plot of the play and reveals to the audience the secrets of the other characters. Today it is a symbol of the entire region - and also one of the best souvenirs of Naples.

Where to buy Pulcinella masks? You can find them, among others, in small handicraft stores on San Gregorio Armeno street. It's a short and narrow street, hidden in the shadow of the monastery walls, yet it's definitely worth a visit - especially in search of the perfect souvenir from Naples!

Pulcinelli mask

Ceramic spaghetti measure - a practical souvenir from Naples

At San Gregorio Armeno you will find many other treasures, including stores selling ceramic spaghetti measures. Any cooking lover will be happy with such a souvenir from Naples. This practical device allows you to measure the right amount of pasta for one, two or more people in a moment. It can be simple in design or have various interesting shapes - for example, a cook's cap. In some stores you will also find plastic or aluminum models, but it is the handmade, ceramic measuring cup that will be the best souvenir from Naples.

Hand-painted tambourine - a unique souvenir from Naples

Speaking of unique souvenirs from Naples, it is also worth mentioning the beautiful tambourines sold by craftsmen from San Gregorio Armeno street. Such an instrument will be a wonderful decoration for your home - the painting can depict Naples or any of its monuments. Since each tambourine is hand-painted, you can be sure that there is no second identical one in the whole world. If you are looking for an original souvenir from Naples, this will be a hit!

Diego Maradona soccer jersey - something for a football fan

Every football fan knows who Diego Maradona was. Although he wasn't from Italy, he's an extremely important figure for the people of Naples - so much so that you can still find murals depicting him and shrines dedicated to him throughout the city. During seven years of playing for SSC Napoli, he scored 115 goals in 259 games, for which Neapolitan fans have loved him forever. At no other club - neither before nor since - did he score so many goals. No wonder that today, more than thirty years after his departure from the team, you can still buy all sorts of things with his image. If you are looking for a souvenir from Naples for a football enthusiast, go for the distinctive jersey with the number 10.

Neapolitan coffee maker - another practical souvenir

You can't imagine a morning without a cup of aromatic coffee? Or maybe you have an avid coffee drinker in your family or among your friends? If so, the best souvenir from Naples will be a regional coffee maker. Although in appearance it resembles the so-called moka, it is a completely different device, and its history dates back to the early 19th century. The Neapolitan coffee maker is sometimes called a cuccumella or napoletana. It consists of two dishes stacked one on top of the other. Preparing coffee in it is a unique ritual, and although it takes longer than boiling water in an electric kettle, the delicious taste of the drink is the best reward for patience you must exhibit while using it. Such a souvenir from Naples will remind you of your carefree vacation every time you enjoy a cup of coffee brewed in this coffee maker.

Neapolitan coffee maker

Whether you're looking for a Naples souvenir for yourself or a loved one, you're sure to find something suitable among the products we have listed. Some of them - cornicello pendants, for example - can be bought on almost any corner of the city; for others you'll have to get to a specific place. We especially recommend walking to San Gregorio Armeno street, where you will find the best souvenirs from Naples: unique and handmade. You can shop around for gifts on your own, or take one of our guided tours and our guides will point out places where you can find Pulcinella masks or hand-painted tambourines. If you haven't yet been on a free walking tour of Naples with us, feel invited to join! You can book your spot here.

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