August 19, 2020

How to get to Wieliczka Salt Mine from Kraków?

Wieliczka Salt Mines is one of the main tourist attractions of southern Poland. No wonder, that thousands of people are interested in visiting this incredible site. In 1978 Wieliczka Salt Mine was placed on the Original UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites and since then millions of people from all over the world had a chance to admire its beauty. You can be the next one, who will fall in love with this amazing place, but wait! You have to get there first!

There are quite a few options of getting to Wieliczka (name of the city, where The Salt Mine is located). Some of them are cheap, some of them are fast but all of them will take you to your goal and one of the most exciting parts of your trip!

  1. Train - is fast, spacious and air conditioned (sometimes :]). This is the most convenient way to get to the Salt Mine. First you need to check when your train leaves from the Main Train Station (here’s a link to the website in English:, you can get your tickets through the website or at the ticket machines located all over the Main Train Station in Kraków (1,5 Euros per person). There is even an option of buying your ticket on the train, so if you are running late, that is an option too. It takes about 20 - 30 minutes to get to Wieliczka, and you are getting off the train at the last station – so no counting stations for you this time! It’s super easy to come back, you just catch the train at the same station. 

Be sure to check the schedule for the trains, there have been some renovations going on recently and some of the trains were cancelled! 

And if not the train, then what?

  1. Bus – is another convenient option. Take a city bus number 304 from the bus stop, which is located very close to Galeria Krakowska shopping mall. It will take approximately 40 - 45 minutes to get to Wieliczka. Again – remember about your tickets. You can get them on the bus stop or on the bus itself. Validate your tickets in the bus, as soon as you get inside. Which ticket should you buy? As Wieliczka is located in Zone II of the city’s urban transportation, be sure to purchase ticket valid for zones I+II. You can get simple one way ticket or two way one, which has to be validated twice. Stop you should get off is called “Wieliczka Kopalnia Soli” and it’s very close to the Salt Mines. Price is also very convenient 1,5 – 2 Euros, depending on the ticket option you choose.
  2. Maybe you are in Krakow with your own car or you rented one? That’s even better, there are parking lots close to the Salt Mines, so just use your GPS and be careful while driving 🙂


Enjoy your visit to the Salt Mine! Take photos, lick the salty walls and feel the atmosphere of this place. After you are back, simply join us for some great Walkative! tours! Let us know if you have any additional questions!

Photo credit - Wikimedia Commons.

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