November 17, 2023

The 7 best souvenirs to buy in Berlin

Berlin is a city of rich history, diverse culture, and vibrant creativity. When you visit, you’ll find plenty of unique souvenirs that capture the essence of the city. From tasty treats to fascinating relics, here are some of the best souvenirs you can buy in Berlin.

1. Berlin Bear

The Berlin Bear has been on the city’s coat of arms since 1280. It is an iconic symbol of the city and is widely celebrated in various forms of souvenirs. You can find it on jumpers, mugs, as a key chain, whatever you can think of. 

Berlin Bear Flag Symbol

Where to buy bears in Berlin? They are basically everywhere but I recommend going to BERLIN Store close to our meeting point. They also have a typical East German car - the Trabi - standing in front of it. 

2. Currywurst Sauce

Berlin is famous for its Currywurst, a tasty dish made from sliced sausages,  smothered in a curry ketchup sauce with curry powder on top. What better way to relive your Berlin experience than by taking home a bottle of this mouthwatering sauce? Also a great gift for the foodies in the family.

Berlin sausage

Where to buy Currywurst sauce? I recommend EAT BERLIN. A very nice shop with lots of products from Berlin based manufactures, which is located in a famous part of Berlin: The Hakeschen Höfe.

3. GDR Memorabilia  

For a trip back in time, explore the shops offering East German (GDR) memorabilia. You’ll find vintage postcards, pins, medals, and stamps that will provide a glimpse into the history of a divided nation, a fascinating reminder of a bygone era.

Where to buy authentic East German memorabilia? My recommendations are Der-Vorwende-Laden and Antik & Trödel (Antique Vintage Shop). Two small shops in former East Berlin run by lovely people who are happy to talk about their personal experiences. 

4. Local arts and craft at the Berlin Art Market 

The art market next to the Zeughaus (Old Arsenal) is a treasure trove of artistic creations. Local artists and artisans display their works here, offering a wide range of unique art. From paintings to handcrafted jewellery, you can find amazing pieces that reflect Berlin’s creative scene and you can get a truly one-of-the-kind souvenir. 

Brigitte Werner Pixabay

Where to find the Berlin Art Market? Here! (Open every Sa & Su from 11am till 5pm)

5. Ampelmann

Designed in 1961 by Karl Peglau, the endearing figure used on traffic lights in East Germany, is now a beloved symbol of Berlin. There are six shops all over Berlin where you will find an array of things in the shape or with prints of the iconic green and red figures.

Betexion Pixabay

Where to find an Ampelmann Shop? My personal favourite is this one at Unter den Linden. Right in the centre of Berlin.

6. Berliner Bier

Beer in Germany is much more than just a beverage: It’s a cultural institution. With having one of the oldest beer gardens in Germany, a growing craft beer scene and a century old brewing tradition, Berlin offers a diverse and exciting beer scene. Enjoy Berlin’s local brews and bring home a piece of the city’s beer tradition with a couple bottles or cans.

Berlin Beer Germany lajust Pixabay

Where to buy beer in Berlin? Well… everywhere. You can check out one of the off licence shops (Spätis) that are open 24/7 or any supermarket. But if you want a special shop, Bierlinie is very good. And a really nice Berlin based brewery plus shop is BRLO Brewhouse

7. Streetart 

Berlin is  famous for its street art scene. Artists from all over the world come here and use the city as their canvas. You find murals, graffiti, paste ups, and stencils everywhere so why not take a little bit of it home?

Lenalensen Pixabay

Where to find cool prints, stickers and postcards? Let it Bleed is a great shop, run by a collective of artists. 

Berlin’s diverse range of souvenirs allows you to encapsulate the city’s history, culture, and artistic expression in tangible keepsakes. Whether you’re indulging in Currywurst, showcasing the Berliner Bear, or admiring art, these souvenirs provide an enduring connection to the heart and soul of Berlin. When you return home, they will remind you of the city’s unique charm and cultural richness.


Jules (Jules has lived her whole life in Berlin, so trust her)

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