February 12, 2024

The 7 best souvenirs to buy in London


London, a city steeped in history and culture, offers a treasure trove of souvenirs that capture its essence. From iconic landmarks to rich traditions, the English capital provides an array of choices for memorable keepsakes. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveller, this guide will help you navigate the bustling streets of London in search of the best souvenirs to take home.

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Double-Decker Bus and Red Phone Box Memorabilia:

Double-decker buses and red phone boxes stand as enduring symbols of London's urban charm. As souvenirs, miniature replicas, keychains, and homeware featuring these iconic emblems offer tangible mementos of the city's character. These keepsakes encapsulate the essence of London's bustling streets and serve as not just tokens of travel, but as delightful reminders of the city's vibrant spirit, making them perfect additions to your collection of treasured memories from the heart of the British capital.

Double-Decker Bus and Red Phone Box

Where to buy? Once you’re in London, you’ll realise it’s hard to find a place in the city centre where you could not buy them. Stroll around Trafalgar Square or Piccadilly and you’ll find some small shops and street stalls with a large variety in size and colour.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes, a literary icon, navigates Victorian London, solving intricate mysteries with his keen intellect and astute observations.

Sherlock Holmes memorabilia in London offers a captivating journey into this literary history. From detective-themed merchandise to iconic hats and pipes, these souvenirs celebrate Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary detective. Bringing home a piece of Holmes' world serves as a charming and intellectual reminder of London's rich literary legacy, adding a touch of mystery to your collection.

sherlock holmes book

Where to buy? The best place for anything Sherlock Holmes relates is, of course, the Sherlock Holmes Museum’s Shop. Books, the famous Deerstalker or a pipe - whatever your literary heart desires - you’ll find it there.

English Tea

Bringing home English tea is a sensory journey, encapsulating the essence of British culture. From classic Earl Grey to robust English Breakfast blends, these teas offer a taste of tradition. Packaged in charming boxes, they make a thoughtful and quintessentially British souvenir, inviting a sip of London's rich tea heritage.

English tea

Where to buy? You’ll find tea everywhere in London and even though I’m a massive fan of the simple Yorkshire Tea you can buy in any supermarket, the Twinings Flagship Store on Strand is worth a visit - it’s the oldest tea shop in London.

London Underground Map Merchandise:

The London Underground, or "the Tube," is not just a convenient mode of transportation but also an iconic part of the city's identity. Maps, posters, and accessories featuring the distinctive Tube map design are popular souvenirs. They not only showcase London's efficient public transport system but also make for stylish additions to your home décor

London underground

Where to buy London Underground Merchandise? The London Transport Museum’s Shop is the place to be. They have everything from Vintage signage to posters, books, and even furniture.

London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin, a pinnacle of gin craftsmanship, is renowned for its crisp juniper-forward profile. Distilled in London and produced using a meticulous process, London Dry Gin is characterised by its purity—no additional flavours or sweeteners are allowed after distillation. The result is a clean, sophisticated spirit with a perfect balance of botanicals. Whether sipped neat, mixed into a cocktail, or enjoyed with tonic, London Dry Gin remains a symbol of timeless elegance and the epitome of British gin tradition.

Many distilleries offer special editions or exclusive releases that you won't find elsewhere, which makes London Dry Gin a tasteful and authentic souvenir - not just for connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts

London dry gin

Where to get the real deal? Very central and popular with locals and tourists is Gerry’s Wine and Spirits in Soho. Or if you want to go to a distillery of a quintessential London Dry Gin, go to the Beefeater Gin Distillery - they also offer tours and tastings.

Kitsch Royal paraphernalia

Kitsch Royal paraphernalia makes for quirky and charming souvenirs, blending tradition with a playful twist. From King's Guard figurines to comical royal corgi motifs, these items add a touch of humour to the regal charm. Whether it's a teapot in the shape of a crown or a whimsically adorned mug, Kitsch Royal souvenirs bring a lighthearted spirit to royal memorabilia, offering a unique and amusing way to remember your time in London.

Kitsch royal

Where to find kitsch royal paraphernalia? Just go to the centre of the old city or to a market and you’ll find loads. If you’re looking for something more serious the Westminster Abbey Shop offers a good balance between serious and fun souvenirs.

English biscuits

Bringing home English biscuits is like packaging the essence of British comfort and tradition. Whether it's the iconic shortbread or classic digestives, these sweet treasures make for a delicious souvenir. Share the joy of a British tea-time experience with friends and family at home and savour the flavours of England in every delightful bite.

London biscuits

Where to find English biscuits? Everywhere! M&S has a really nice selection - also in gift wrapping. But if you’re okay with something more expensive or you’re looking for something a bit more special to bring home, Fortnum & Mason or Harrod’s are the right places for you.