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What and where to eat in Naples?

What and where to eat in Naples?

Not only lovers of art, architecture and history will enjoy their visit to Naples, the same goes for the lovers of fine Italian cuisine. This remarkable city is famous for its interesting museums, beautiful views and proximity to Vesuvius, and above all - for the world's best pizza! You will also try many other delicacies in Naples - from handmade pasta and seafood to delicious desserts. It is important, however, to know where to look for them. If you are planning to spend your vacation in the capital of Campania, our tips will help you avoid culinary disappointments. What is worth eating in Naples and which restaurants to dine in? Find our tips below!

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Traditional regional cuisine - what is Naples famous for?

Neapolitan cuisine is certainly not limited to pizza! There are at least a dozen other regional dishes that are a must-try when spending a vacation in this Italian city. These include:

  • frittatina di pasta - a fried snack made of bucatini pasta (that is, slightly thicker spaghetti, hollow inside) with béchamel. It's a fairly thick pancake that can be cut like a pizza and eaten the same way - both hot and cold, although the first option is more recommended. One of the best frittatina di pasta can be purchased at Rosticceria Imperatore on Viale Colli Aminei;
  • palle di riso - fried rice balls filled with vegetables, mozzarella or meat. They are the local version of Sicilian arancini. Although you'll buy them in almost every Italian city, it's in the south of the country that they're the best. In Naples you will find quite a lot of different types of this snack. They can have different ingredients and shapes - for example, small balls, cylinders or cones. We recommend trying palle di riso at Vomero Fried Food on Via Domenico Cimarosa;
  • panzerotto - one of the favorite dishes of Neapolitans. It is similar to the famous calzone, but slightly smaller. It is made of yeast dough formed into a crescent with a filling made of mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoes. To taste this delicacy go to Antica Pizza Fritta da Esterina Sorbillo in Piazza Trieste e Trento;
  • cuoppo - this unusual dish is actually made up of many different types of fried snacks. The name cuoppo comes from the traditional yellow paper in which this delicacy is sold. In a paper cone you'll find fried seafood, potato croquettes, palle di riso and panzerotti. You can order a good cuoppo, for example, at Passione di Sofì on Via Toledo.

These and other fried snacks are often sold from heated counters set up in front of numerous pizzerias and bars. You can buy them as a take away. The most popular in Naples are palle di riso (arancini), panzerotti and frittatine di pasta.

traditional Naples food

You should definitely also try the traditional cuzzetiello. This Neapolitan dish made of crusty bread (called cafone) dipped in a special ragù sauce is a great option for a light lunch. This delicacy appears on the tables of Neapolitans almost every Sunday.

If you want to see what Naples is famous for besides pizza, be sure to go to Signora Bettola restaurant on Via Medina! You will experience Neapolitan cuisine at its finest here.

The best pizza in Naples - where to go?

Although fried snacks and seafood prepared in the south of Italy are loved and praised by visitors from all over the world, people travel hundreds of kilometers to Naples to try something else: pizza!

Pizza from Naples, the so-called napoletana, is unique. You won't eat it anywhere else in the world - although this variant is also served in pizzerias in other places, they rarely manage to reproduce the original shape, taste and texture of the dough. It tastes best right here - in the heart of Campania. Where to go to try the best pizza in Naples? We definitely recommend trying it at Da Attilio pizzeria at Via Pignasecca 17!

What's worth eating in Naples? Pizza from a traditional wood-fired oven

If you want to taste delicious local pizza baked in a traditional wood-fired oven, we also recommend Gino e Toto Sorbillo restaurant located at Via dei Tribunali 32. According to many, this is where the best pizza in Naples is served. Restaurant owner, Gino Sorbillo, is a member of one of the oldest pizza-making families in Naples. The first establishment was founded in 1935 by his grandparents. Gino's father, Salvatore Sorbillo, was the nineteenth of their twenty-one children, and each of them became professionally involved in making pizza. Today, the Sorbillo family's long-standing tradition is intertwined with Gino's innovative approach, making the taste of the Neapolitan pizza he makes unparalleled!

real Neapolitan pizza

Naples - the best desserts in town

Neapolitan cuisine is all about delicious local pizza and fried snacks, but let’s not forget about the mouthwatering regional desserts! In addition to the most popular Italian sweets, such as tiramisu, panna cotta or Sicilian cannoli, you should also taste traditional desserts from Naples. What is worth trying? While on vacation in the capital of Campania, be tempted to try sfogliatella. This is a pastry with a filling of ricotta, semolina and candied orange peel. It is made from the so-called leafy (riccia) or shortbread (frolle) dough. It will be the perfect choice for your morning coffee. If you want to try sfogliatella we especially recommend the Sfogliatella Mary place in Umberto Gallery.

Another dessert for which Naples is famous is the so-called fiocco di neve, meaning snowflake. These are small, soft brioche filled with milk cream, ricotta and whipped cream. If you want to taste this delicacy, we encourage you to visit the pasticceria (pastry shop) Poppella, in Via Santa Brigida or Via Arena della Sanità.

For fans of street food, we also recommend zeppole - small Neapolitan doughnuts. They can be eaten salty or sweet, sprinkled with sugar. They have a delightfully crunchy crust and a soft inside that melts in the mouth.

Famous Neapolitan babà - what are they and where to taste them?

Babà is a traditional Neapolitan yeast dough in the shape of a mushroom, soaked in rum. Interestingly, its history is probably linked to Poland - the dessert is said to have been invented by the Polish king Stanislaw Leszczynski. According to legend, when he was served dry yeast dough, he doused it with rum, his favorite alcohol, and this is how this Italian delicacy was created.

Nowadays babà is served in many ways. It can be sliced, sold in cups or topped with whipped cream. In some places you'll also buy a version with chocolate cream or fruit. For the most delicious desserts of this kind go to Salvatore Capparelli on Via dei Tribunali.

Neapolitan desert


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