November 21, 2022

What to do and see in Warsaw – main attractions and places to visit

When you come to the capital of Poland, there are so many places to see and so many things to do in Warsaw that you wouldn’t be bored even if you stayed here for a month! But we know that usually you don’t have that much time and you need to choose only the most beautiful places and the most interesting attractions. So, instead of going through dozens of websites and travel blogs, use our extensive guidebook where you have everything in one place!

Must-sees in Warsaw

1. Palace of Culture and Science

Let’s start with one of the biggest symbols of Warsaw. Literally. The Palace of Culture and Science, built between 1952 and 1955, used to be the highest building in Warsaw for almost 70 years. Even though it doesn’t hold this title any more, it is still one of the buildings that you simply can’t miss while in Warsaw. Take a look at this great example of socialist realism architecture and go to the viewing terrace on the 30th floor. The elevator will take you there in less than 20 seconds! And if you want to learn some fun facts about the Palace, join our Communist Warsaw tour and let our guide surprise you!

2. Royal Castle

The old residence of Polish kings is one of the most popular Warsaw attractions, both for Polish people and visitors from other countries. Today, the Castle is a huge museum that will take you back in time to the times when Poland was a kingdom. If you like admiring interiors or are a fan of paintings, this is definitely a place for you! The castle looks pretty old but the surprising fact is that the current building has been here for less than 40 years! What’s the history behind that? Join our Warsaw Historic Center tour to find out!

3. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

If you come to Warsaw, you definitely have to visit this place – the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Perhaps it will not impress you at first glance, but it will certainly interest you. On a vast square, you will see three arches that look as if they used to be a part of a larger building. Which is true. Before World War II, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was part of the Saxon Palace, a building blown up by the Germans in 1944. Today, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is the last remnant of the Palace. The eternal fire is burning here under the arcades and is guarded by soldiers. A ceremonial changing of the guard takes place every hour, so make sure you arrive a few minutes earlier to see it. You can see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during our tour Warsaw at War.

What to see in Warsaw

1. The Old Town

Once you do the must-sees in Warsaw, go a little but further to discover more of our incredible city. Walk the narrow streets of the Old Town that will delight you at any time of the day or night. During the day, Warsaw's Old Town is teeming with life, with plenty of tourists, magicians, and performers of all kinds. At night, the Old Town takes on a unique character, and becomes perfect for a quiet walk or a date. It may seem that Warsaw's Old Town is not very different from other European old towns, but the truth is that it may surprise you more than once. Our guides know all the secrets of this place and they will be happy to share them with you during our Warsaw Historic Center tour.

Warsaw Old Town

2. Krakowskie Przedmieście

There is one street in Warsaw where every building and every monument has its own history. Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, but always extremely interesting. It is here, on Krakowskie Przedmieście, a street with a length of only 1000 meters, that you will find the Presidential Palace, the most luxurious hotels in Warsaw: Bristol and Europejski, the University of Warsaw, but also many churches, including the one where the heart of the outstanding composer, Fryderyk Chopin, can be found. Do you want to find out what other secrets Krakowskie Przedmieście hides? A walk there is a must!

3. Praga district

You will never get to know the city completely if you visit only the most touristic places. That is why, on your list of places to visit, you cannot miss the Praga district. Once a dangerous, bad part of the city, today it impresses with its authenticity, buildings that survived World War II, and an unusual atmosphere. If you add numerous restaurants, clubs, and cafes to this, you will get a place where you will definitely not be bored and you will see a completely different face of Warsaw! If you’re wondering what to see, join our Alternative Warsaw tour and our guides will help you find the must-sees there!

Places to visit in Warsaw

1. Nożyk Synagogue

Before World War II, Warsaw was the city with the most Jews in Europe, nearly 360,000, and thus there were many synagogues in the city - over 440. Today, only one of them still remains. Erected in 1902, the Nożyk Synagogue miraculously survived the war and to this day functions as a place of worship, but also an important tourist attraction on the map of Warsaw. You can (and should!) visit it, and if you want to know more about it and about other Jewish places in Warsaw, join our Jewish Warsaw tour.

Warsaw Nożyk Synagogue

2. Warsaw Uprising Museum

One of the most visited museums in Warsaw, the Warsaw Uprising Museum, was opened on the 60th anniversary of this heroic uprising. Every year, the museum attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, not only because of the important topic it covers, but also because of its modern character. The museum is interactive and affects all the senses. Here you can not only learn facts about the Second World War, but also listen to real stories from the Uprising, walk through a replica of the sewers, or see a copy of the Liberator plane. The Museum also houses the Little Insurgent Hall, a favorite place of the youngest guests. It is a place where everyone will surely find something for themselves!

3. Museum of History of Polish Jews Polin

Despite its short history, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews Polin has become a permanent fixture in the landscape of must-see places in Warsaw. It is a unique place not only on a national scale, but also throughout Europe. The exhibition presents the full history of Jews in Poland in a comprehensive manner, from the earliest times until today, not focusing solely on the war times. However, Polin is not only a history lesson, but also a story about Jewish culture and religion. All of this is presented in a modern, interactive and accessible way - even for children or teenagers. So make sure the Museum of the History of Polish Jews is on your list of places to visit in Warsaw. Our advice - reserve at least 3 hours to visit it and take advantage of the audio guide, thanks to which you will not miss the most interesting places in the Museum!

Warsaw Jewish Museum

Warsaw attractions

1. Chopin Benches

Born in 1810, the outstanding composer Fryderyk Chopin spent the first 20 years of his life in Warsaw. No wonder that the city is full of places that have witnessed his performances, walks or important life events. Today, in 15 places connected with the composer, there are musical benches which briefly describe how a given place is connected with Chopin. If you press a button, the bench will also play a melody for you, of course composed by Chopin. So keep your eyes (and ears!) open so you dont miss the chance to listen to classical music outdoors, in a place where one of the greatest composers of all time lived 200 years ago.

2. Łazienki Park

Warsaw is one of the greenest cities in Europe, as over 40% of its area is covered by parks, forests, and other green areas. However, none of them can match the Royal Łazienki Park. In an area twice the size of the Vatican (76 hectares!), you will find not only many charming alleys and places for a walk or a short break from the hustle and bustle of the city, but also many historical buildings, including the Palace on the Water. It was here that the last Polish king, Stanisław August Poniatowski, used to live during summertime. So whether you want to see more historic places or need a respite, the Łazienki Park is a place where you just have to go!

3. Copernicus Science Center

If, after a day of sightseeing and learning about the history of our beautiful city, you feel that your brain needs a different type of stimulation, we have something for you! Go to the Copernicus Science Center, a place where everyone can not only feel like a scientist, but even become one! Conduct experiments, discover the secrets of the human body, train your brain. Finally, be sure to visit the Planetarium and see the amazing shows. At the Copernicus Science Center, you can spend as much time as you want, and how you discover this place depends totally on you!

Warsaw things to do

1. Eat in a milk bar

You can't fully discover a city if you don't try its local specialties. Of course, you can simply go to one of the restaurants offering Polish dishes, but wouldn't it be better to eat in a local place, as Poles eat, and at a very reasonable price? If you feel that this is what you need, go to the milk bar. Here you will find the most famous Polish dishes, from soups, through dumplings and pancakes, to full dinners. All in good quality and at a price that will make you look at the bill three times to make sure that everything you ordered has been counted. However, be aware that the milk bar is a self-service restaurant: after placing and paying for the order, you have to pick it up yourself, and after eating, take the dishes back to the appropriate counter. However, only when you do all this, will your experience will be complete!

2. Admire street art in Warsaw

Street art has become a permanent element of the landscape of Polish cities, and it is no different in Warsaw. It is enough to keep your eyes open to find larger and smaller murals in almost every part of the city, created to recall the history of a place, encourage discussion on important social topics or simply diversify the public space. However, its ephemerality is inscribed in the DNA of this type of art, so don't hesitate and take a walk to discover street art as soon as you can. You can do this with us - just book a Warsaw Street Art tour through our website!

mural Warsaw

3. Go to a Chopin’s concert

We have already mentioned that you can listen to Chopin's music on the streets of Warsaw thanks to the playing benches, but true fans of classical music or of Chopin himself should go a step further and go to a real concert. In Warsaw you will find several places offering this type of attraction, but we recommend concerts organized by Chopin Point - professional artists will take you on a journey through time. You will not only be able to listen to some amazing music performed by great artists, but you'll get to know the composer better - not only as an exceptional artist, but also as an ordinary boy who was joyful, used to drink (as his friends claimed) a lot of wine, with a great sense of humor, and a talent for imitating other people.

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