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June 04, 2019

Emil lives in Kraków from his birthday. Kraków is the first love in his live and for sure this is love forevermore. He studied ethnology and history at the Jagiellonian University, but he has master's degree only from the first field of study.
From 2010 he is a licensed Krakow tour guide. He cannot imagine to work in any different type of job. He loves especially Podgórze district (a former separate city) and he is a treasurer of PODGORZE.PL society. He is also a member of Crux Galiciae (society dedicated to maintain cemeteries from the 1WW), PTTK (Polish Tourist & Sightseeing Society) and Gaudeamus society. He leads a "Pokrakus" blog and writes articles for local websites and newspapers.
He loves hiking (Beskid Niski is his favourite part of Polish Carpathians mountains) and biking.
He is also a honorary blood donor (for a moment he gave 18 litres of blood) and he strongly encourages everyone for such a great thing!

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