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May 22, 2019

Born in Gdansk, but spent a couple of years studying and living abroad. Once she decided to go back in 2012, she saw her city becoming more attractive each year. Friends from far away started visiting, so she felt like she would love to have a deeper insight into Gdansk’s history to tell them something interesting. And then she felt like she could do it for a living, so she became a licensed tour guide.
She became an active hometown lover, reading and participating in as many events about her city as possible. It turned out to be a complex and fascinating travel into the past. Gdansk is like a novel that never bores you but instead, you always want more!
Apart from her passion for Gdansk, she just likes hanging out with people. She learned German as a child, then Spanish and Italian during her exchanges abroad. Now she feels very comfortable speaking these languages. So being a guide is also a way to spend nice time with guests from abroad, which she enjoys a lot!

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