June 22, 2020

How to get around Gdańsk and vicinity – a few useful tips


You can explore Gdańsk on foot on our tours, but often you have to get to the meeting point first. Below is a practical list of the most important means of transport in Gdansk: 

Public Transportation – There are separate tickets for SKM (City Fast Train, the local train operator) trains, for trams and buses in Gdańsk (also operating in Sopot), and for buses and trolley-buses in Gdynia (also operating in Sopot). Tickets can be usually purchased on board and ticket machines also work in English. There are timed tickets as well as single fare options. Remember to validate your ticket after boarding! There is also SKM train and bus night service. More at: www.ztm.gda.pl and www.skm.pkp.pl

Bus 100 – Bus 100 is the only public transport route covering the historical city center (Main Town and Old Town - don't forget to check our Main Town Free Tour!). It is a small bus (usually not crowded) that departs around every 20 minutes and makes a small counterclockwise loop around the historic city (including Gdańsk Główny). Going beyond the historical area of the center (still walking distance), it is worth visiting the Gdańsk Shipyard, where we also go with our original free tour "Gdańsk Shipyard Uncovered"

Transport to Lech Wałęsa Airport Gdańsk Rębiechowo – The easiest way to get to the airport from Gdańsk Główny (the main train station) is taking a SKM train. There is also a direct bus connection to the airport with bus 210 from the Gdańsk Główny, but there is quite significant risk of traffic jams, so we recommend taking the train.

SKM train to Wrzeszcz, Oliwa, Sopot and Gdynia – The fastest way to get to other districts of Gdańsk is to take the SKM train from the Gdańsk Główny or Gdańsk Śródmieście stations and head north. It takes about 15 minutes to get to Oliwa, 10 minutes to Wrzeszcz, 20 minutes to Sopot and 30 minutes to Gdynia. And when you drop by Sopot - the party center of the Tri-City - it's worth checking out our tour there

Tram to Oliwa – To visit the cathedral, park and lookout point in Oliwa, you can take the SKM train or tram. It takes a bit longer, but you will see much more beautiful neighborhood spots from the tram. Take tram 2, 6, 11 or 12 to get to Oliwa.

Train to Malbork (castle of the Teutonic Knights) – The best way to get to Malbork is to take a train from Gdańsk Główny. There is a rather wide selection of offers. The price and travel time (28–50 minutes) depends on the type of train you take. www.rozklad-pkp.pl

PKS bus to Sztutowo (Stutthof Concentration Camp) – There is a direct PKS bus line 870 from the Gdańsk PKS coach station to Sztutowo. It takes 50 minutes and goes 6–19 times a day depending on the season. www.gryf.trasownik.net

Ferry from Gdańsk (Main Town) – Żegluga Gdańska offers 3 ferry lines starting from the old harbor on the Motława River. They go to Sopot, Hel and Westerplatte. For timetables and prices check www.zegluga.pl. There are also two galleons offering routes to Westerplatte.



1) Boat: Boats depart next to Most Zielony on Motława river. Buying a ticket you can declare a return hour if you wish to return by boat.

a) Galeon – old looking fancy boat that goes directly to Westerplatte. We recommend taking cruise at 4 pm, and return cruise at 6:30 pm

b) Żegluga Gdańska – regular ferry that goes directly to Westerplatte. We recommend taking cruise at 4 pm with returning hour at 6:50 pm

c) Water Tram – line F5 – for schedule check website https://www.ztm.gda.pl/rozklady/linia-F5.html

2)      BUS nr 106 and 138 from “Dworzec Główny” or “Brama Wyżynna” bus stop. Get off one stop before the end of the line, at “Przystań Żeglugi” bus stop (not, “Westerplatte” - the last stop).

3)      BIKE: It's 11 km from the city centre along safe bike routes (approx. 35 min.)

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