September 23, 2022

How to get around Wrocław?

In Wrocław, public transport consists of bus and tram transport. There are time-based and single-use tickets in the city. Single tickets allow you to travel without changing. Temporary ones allow you to change vehicles without buying another ticket. On short routes, 15- and 30-minute tickets are the most popular. 24/48/72-hour tickets are also available.

You can buy public transport tickets from machines located near the most important stops. You can pay there by cash or card. The ticket bought in such a machine must be validated (there is always a machine where you "punch" the ticket) as soon as you enter the vehicle. The second option is to buy the ticket inside the vehicle. Each vehicle has several ticket machines. Please note, however, that payment inside the vehicle is only possible using a contactless card. Once you have selected a ticket and paid, a message confirming the ticket purchase will appear on the screen. The vending machines in the vehicles do not print the tickets. The ticket will then be registered on the card, and you must present the card used to make the purchase in the event of an inspection.

You can check the validity of your ticket at any time by selecting the appropriate option and inserting your card into the ticket machine.

Those entitled to free travel include:

  • Children until the end of the calendar year in which they turn 7 years old
  • Primary, secondary, lower secondary and upper secondary school pupils - no longer than the age of 21.
  • Persons over 65 years of age

In order to confirm that you are a person entitled to free travel, you must have a suitable document with your photo (identity card or photo ID).

The city centre and the most important sights are well-connected. At weekends, travel to attractions such as the Zoo and the Centennial Hall is recommended by tram (2,4,10 from the centre - direction Biskupin). At weekends, the area around the ZOO and the Centennial Hall is often congested and the tram, thanks to its dedicated route will save us from standing in traffic jams.

An interesting alternative to get to the ZOO area would be to use the river transport departing from Cardinal's Harbour. The cruise takes about 30 minutes.

The bus service to the airport is line 106 and the night line 206. Public transport tickets apply - the journey to/from the centre takes about 45 minutes. The stops closest to the centre from which the bus to the airport departs are: Podwale and Orląt Lwowskich Square.
Transport in Wrocław is often renovated during the summer. We recommend using the app for the most up-to-date routes and directions (it works in all of Poland's major cities, you can also buy tickets online there). Google Maps will also give you this information, but it can be a bit less up-to-date at times.

Wrocław is the best starting point for sightseeing in Lower Silesia with its countless castles, monasteries and natural wonders. By rail we can get to the most important cities and to the mountains. Thanks to Koleje Dolnośląskie we can get to Świdnica, Wałbrzych (Książ Castle, the third largest castle in Poland), Bolesławiec (famous for the centuries-long porcelain-making tradition), as well as to the Karkonosze Mountains (the highest peak of them, Śnieżka, is also the highest point of Czechia). From Wrocław, we can travel by train to Berlin, Görlitz, Ardspach and all major cities in Poland as well.

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