Gdańsk Shipyard Uncovered

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English, German, Polish (check the booking calendar for availability)
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1 hours 45 minutes
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We meet at Plac Solidarności (next to Pomnik Poległych Stoczniowców 1970 Monument). Look for the guide with a yellow umbrella!
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The Gdańsk Shipyard is a must-see for visitors to Gdańsk, so we invite you to our Walkative! tour to uncover with us the Shipyard of change.

For many, the Gdańsk Shipyard is the cradle of “Solidarity” and a symbol of the fall of communism in Europe. For fans of industrial buildings, it is a magical space where the industrial architecture of the late 19th century meets the early 20th century, where relics of communism intertwine with modern 21st century architecture.

The Gdańsk Shipyard is a place where imperialism changed into capitalism, where the industrial goals of Nazism changed into the industrial goals of socialism, where communism with the entire Iron Curtain changed into freedom, where the brutal hand of the free market changed the industrial space into a place of entrepreneurship, culture and entertainment.

We will start our tour at Plac Solidarności (next to Pomnik Poległych Stoczniowców 1970 Monument), from where we will take a journey through the dark years of communism, arriving at the Shipyard, where a lot happened and is still happening.

Discover with us a magical part of the city, a district of entertainment, art, history, industry and symbols. Come to the Gdansk Shipyard Ucovered Tour by Walkative!

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Look for a guide with a yellow umbrella or Walkative! sign.  

  • Meeting point: We meet at Plac Solidarności (next to Pomnik Poległych Stoczniowców 1970 Monument). Look for the guide with a yellow umbrella! 
  • Start time: Participants are expected to show up 5 min before the start time.
  • If more than 7 ppl: Please bear in mind that the tour you’ve booked is not a private tour.
  • There is no need to print your booking confirmation.

Thank you for choosing Walkative! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Meeting Point
The Monument for the Fallen Shipbuilder. Look for the guide with a yellow umbrella!

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Amazing tour!

Rated 5 out of 5
1 month ago

We decided to go to this tour so that we can see the shipyards from up close. Finding out that shipyards were the place where major historical events took place and getting to know about Polish resistance and protests against communist regime and basically the whole history of The Solidarity Movement was very valuable for us as people from the neighboring country also oppressed by the regime. Our tour was hosted by Pavel who kindly answered basically any question and was very invested in narrating the historical events and showing us around. We left Gdańsk amazed! Would recommend for 200%. Thank you very much for the experience.

Sara and Ondřej

Great experience in Shipyard

Rated 5 out of 5
1 month ago

The quide Tufi talked about Solidarity in the begining. But the most interesting was to visit Shipyard – to see historical buildings (the biggest part of them are in terrible condition), but same time ago life and bussiness were circulationg there very activly. Very interesting place to visit.


History up close

Rated 5 out of 5
9 months ago

Our guide was Czarek, who was born in Gdansk and lived all his life in this beautiful city. Czarek talked about communism in Poland (especially Gdansk), the fight for freedom and the shipyard on a very personal level, because he was actually there when it all happened. He had an answer for every question and his style of presenting was very engaging. This made this tour very special in my opinion.

Dennis H.

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